Finally a breath of fresh air

After over a year of not blogging… I’m back! You can say I got a tad busy with work, I now juggle various freelancing gigs as video journalist. But the honest truth is I completely loss my password to this stupid wordpress! I nearly pulled chunks of hair out and spent several hours, days, just trying to get in…. It’s a long, long complicated story. I almost gave up and threw in the towel. If not for the Manly-Man ( I would have lost this site all together—not to mention be an already frustrated, frustrated journalist. Hah! So a big fat thank you to the Man!

So what’s new?
I’ve been busy, shooting, writing, reporting and yes living the dream. I’ve got a little more fire this year and tons more experience. I hope to share it with you all along with producing original pieces as the Frustrated Journalist! Here’s a little something I shot last week, at the NYC Filipino Day Parade.

Mighty proud of how this piece turned out… Now that I’m back, more stories to come! 🙂


About frustrated journalist

"What are you a frustrated journalist? "It was a title my mom gave me and it stuck ever since. I am a multi media journalist with experience from MSNBC, CNBC's dLifeTV, and Brooklyn Independent TV. I am a journalist continually reinventing herself with the ever changing media in hopes to change the world and inspire... one story at a time.
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