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Tada. I’m blogging again today! Oh yeah baby. Currently, I am shopping around for new blog templates. So you’ll notice the overall design will change from day to day. Some of the links may not even work. Until I find the right template, you’ll have to put up with that. heheheh. In the meantime, why not blog anyways just for the hell of it? I wonder if anyone else is reading this? Either way, I’m finding comfort in writing this; its kinda like a diary of sorts. I can get a lot of things off of my chest, maybe even vent a little and no one will interrupt me. hah!

Today’s writing is about “living a life you love and living it powerfully.” That quote is from the Landmark Forum. I attended my 6th Landmark Forum graduation session the other day. My good friend Joel Stephen recently took it and I’m so might proud of him and my other close friends and family who have done it as well. As a graduate, from 6 years ago, let me tell you its one of the most exciting journey you can take. It can truly help you explore your life and set it off to live your dream. The most crucial part of the course is about living your life with integrity. Sounds easy, but its a lot harder than you think. To this day, I still continue to struggle with it.

Remember when we were kids, when we said whatever came to mind, when we didn’t care what others thought. Or if you don’t remember, observe children and hear them talk. They will tell you exactly what they think with no concern or filters. Blatant truth. As we grow older we become concerned with how others perceive us. The need to look good, save face becomes important. We are so concerned with the way others perceive us that we sometimes don’t say what’s really on our minds. We don’t show our vulnerabilities, because it makes us look weak, makes us look bad. Overall, by not being honest, we put all these filters in our lives and stop ourselves from being truly ourselves.

For me, I consider my self Miss Independent, a woman who can stand completely on her own whether in heels or in combat boots. I am a fighter, strong. So admitting I needed help, was something that was difficult. It still is. But sometimes, you just need to put aside pride, fear, and the need to look good. Last year, I wasn’t making that much as a freelancer. I was living paycheck to paycheck and I wanted to desperately to own a camera to add to my arsenal. I knew what kind I wanted, but I couldn’t afford it. It wasn’t until I finally ask for some help and broadcast my needs did people help.

As my dad always says, we are only fooling ourselves if we think we can do things all by ourselves.


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"What are you a frustrated journalist? "It was a title my mom gave me and it stuck ever since. I am a multi media journalist with experience from MSNBC, CNBC's dLifeTV, and Brooklyn Independent TV. I am a journalist continually reinventing herself with the ever changing media in hopes to change the world and inspire... one story at a time.
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  1. Chuck says:

    Have you ever thought about Drupal? It has a lot more flexibility than wordpress, is better for SEO, and with Amazon’s EC2 you can basically set up a host running Drupal (or anything, really) for free up until you hit Lady Gaga type traffic…

  2. Thanks Chuck! Haven’t heard of it, but will definitely check it out. 🙂

  3. Father Nobel Laureate Creative Writing/Fiction 2003; uncle late David C oetzee, ed. Southscan.; other late uncle Cecil Jubber, radio playwrite. I however have writers’s/writers’ block. Tough curriculum vitae.

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